SOS Customers – Great News!

As of April 1st, Recycling material is no longer being landfilled!

Together with the communities we serve, we have reduced recycling contamination to a suitable level within the local recycling markets. This means the material you are putting in your curbside recycling carts will no longer be landfill ed and instead turned into something new!

Where We Were

Where We Are

Thank you to our customers for learning the new rules of recycling and the effort you are putting forth in Recycling Right for our local programs and markets.

Please remember, no glass should be placed in your recycling carts – only Corrugated Cardboard, Milk Jug style containers, Tin and Aluminum cans and Newspapers and their inserts. When in doubt, let our Waste Wizard help out!

The key to continuing to reduce our communities carbon footprint is to remain focused on Reduce and Reuse, then Recycle!

Here are a few more tips to make your recycling count:

  • Place only the 4 accepted materials in your curbside recycling cart

  • Remove lids from milk jugs and tin cans and place in trash

  • Take glass bottles and jars and #2 plastic bottleneck containers to your local recycling depots

  • Rinse out all residues

  • Use the Bottledrop and get your deposit refund!

  • Recycle plastic bags at local participating retail stores

Visit our recycling webpage for more information on how you make your recycling count.

If you have additional recycling questions, please contact our Recycling & Educational Outreach Associate at  or call 1-800- 922-1025.