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Southern Oregon Sanitation offers yard debris collection for our customers benefit and to help the recycling process. Yard Debris collected decreases tons of organic materials from going to the landfill. It also helps to recover and reuse natural resources.

The organic materials collected at curbside makes great compost and bedding materials for gardens and landscaping projects.

Available in:

City of Grants Pass, Urban Growth Boundary in Grants Pass, City of Eagle Point, Urban Growth Boundary of Eagle Point, City of Shady Cove, and City of Gold Hill.

Service Levels:

Each customer receives a 95 Gallon cart and service is available on a biweekly basis only and is scheduled on the same day as your trash service. This optional service requires a one year commitment and the subscription costs will be added to your regular statement.

Service Guidelines:

  • All yard debris such as; brush, leaves, grass clippings plant prunings, weeds, and woody materials up to 2 inches in diameter should be placed loosely in the cart. Please do not bag anything.
  • Please no: ashes, bark, dirt, food items, gravel, logs, metals, plastic pots, rocks, rubber, sod, stumps, trash, or yard debris in plastic bags.

Service Day Reminders:

  • Be sure the lid can shut on our your container.
  • Place the cart out the night before you scheduled service day.
  • Place your cart 5 feet away from other carts and obstacles.
  • Place the wheels against the curb/driveway so the cart opens toward the street.
  • Keep the carts out of bike lanes if possible.

Yard Debris Collection Brochure

Not in an area where curbside is offered or a customer of SOS? Check out this brochure on Home Composting.