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November 2017 Curbside Recycling Update:

We are in an unprecedented recycling crisis. China, where most of your recycling went, is refusing recycled material. They have asked we clean up what we send and we need your help. Please continue to recycle but only place the approved materials listed below in your cart. We encourage our customers use this time to focus on cleaning up what goes into your recycling cart and eliminate any contamination. If you are in doubt please throw it out.

The biggest change for some of our service areas is; we must not place any glass in the carts. However; you may still bring your glass to our recycling depots as this helps keep this product cleaner than commingling it with other materials.

Please check our website often, like us on Facebook, and watch your email, billing statements and mail for any additional changes to your curbside recycling services. We appreciate your continued efforts in recycling and your patience while we navigate these changing markets!

Just Follow This Simple Guide

  • Loosely place all your recyclables items in your curbside recycle cart. Do not bag them as plastic bags are not accepted in these containers.
  • Do not use the plastic symbol numbering as a method of determining what can be recycled. The numbers only represent the type of plastic used to make the container, not if it is recyclable.
  • When in doubt, throw it in the trash or contact the office to clarify.

Items that may be placed in the curbside recycle carts are:

  • Paper such as: magazines, newspapers, and all that comes with your newspaper. Office or household mail, scrap paper, paper bags, phone books, paperback books.
  • Paperboard such as: shoe boxes, cereal boxes and paper towel cores, cardboard, fiber egg cartons and packaging. Remove all plastic and flatten boxes so they will fit in the cart.
    • (No waxed cartons such as: freezer and refrigerated food boxes)
  • Plastic containers such as: beverage, food, soaps & shampoo bottles, laundry detergent jugs, milk jugs, margarine/butter tubs, yogurt tubs, whipped topping tubs, cottage cheese, dip containers, peanut butter jars and mayonnaise jars, etc.
    • Please clean and rinse thoroughly and remove all lids.
    • Anti-freeze, motor oil and other plastics that have contained hazardous materials will not be accepted.
  • Tin cans such as: aluminum vegetable, tuna and pet food cans, aluminum pie plates, aluminum foil.
    • No need to remove lids or labels and no need to flatten them.
  • NO Glass
  • Click here to download our Curbside Recycling Brochure 
  • Click here to download information about Curbside Recycling in Reedsport

What About Recycling Used Motor Oil?

Motor oil must be poured into non-breakable gallon containers with tight fitting screw caps. (Plastic gallon bleach or milk jugs work best). Place jugs NEXT TO your recycle cart and call our office by 4pm the day before your pick up, so that we can make your driver aware that you have motor oil.

If you have additional recycling questions, please contact our Recycling Coordinator at  or call 1-800- 922-1025.