Sam’s Junior Recycler’s Program

Kids, our community needs your help! Southern Oregon Sanitation is looking for kids ages 5 through 12 years old to help us educate others on how to properly recycle within our community!

What does it mean to be one of Sam’s Junior Recycler’s? You will receive a letter once every quarter that informs you of what contamination we are seeing the most from curbside recycling carts and at our recycling depots. We will teach you why these contaminations are big problems and give you tips on how to educate others!

How can you enroll as one of Sam’s Junior Recyclers? Stop by our office to pick up a Junior Recycler’s Cart Tag! Have a parent help you fill out the required fields, then simply place your recycle cart out on your scheduled service day with your recyclable materials and cart tag on the handle. Your SOS Recycle Driver will grab your cart tag and make sure that you are enrolled in Sam’s Junior Recycler’s Program.

Don’t have recycle services with SOS? No worries, you can still enroll in our program by bringing in recyclable materials to one of our Recycle Depots! Just turn in your cart tag at one of our offices to make sure you are enrolled!