Residential Garbage Collection

Service Locations

In most areas; service is available on a weekly or biweekly basis.
We also offer call-in services for those that do not generate enough trash for a regular scheduled service.

Available Cart Sizes

35 Gallon:

Typically holds about 2- 3 standard kitchen bags.

Recommended for a household of 2-3 people*.

65 Gallon:

Our most popular size. Typically holds about 5 standard kitchen bags.

Recommended for a household of 4-5 people*.

95 Gallon:

Our largest size. Typically holds about 7-8 standard kitchen bags.

Recommended for a household of 5+ people*.

*depending on how much trash each household generates

Service Guidelines

  • All trash should be bagged, as much as possible.
  • Wet grass or leaves should be bagged as they will jam the cart or freeze inside the container if loosely placed inside.
  • Do not place large cardboard items in the cart as it will jam the cart and won’t let the trash slide out.
  • Do not tie or strap the lid down on your cart. This keeps the trash from sliding out. If you are trying to keep animals out of the cart, please contact our office for some possible solutions.
  • Do not place Needles, IV tubing with needles attached, scalpel blades, lancets, glass tubes and syringes out of their original sterile containers in the trash. This is very unsafe and these materials are required to be in certified Sharps containers. SOS offers these containers, click here to find out more.
  • Do not put liquids in your cart. The cart is not intended for liquids and will cause issues with our machinery and spillage on the ground.
  • Do not put Hazardous Waste in your cart. This is a serious violation. For more information about Household Hazardous Waste, please visit the Oregon DEQ website.

Service Day Reminders

Carts must be out the night before

Even if route times are always consistent, something may change at any given time and pickup schedules may be sooner than expected. We cannot guarantee service if your cart is not placed out the night before.

Keep carts 5 feet away from any obstacles

Trash carts that are placed too close together cannot be emptied properly, causing delays for our driver’s routes. Carts need to be placed 5 feet away from any object or other carts allowing clearance for the mechanical arm of the collection truck. If you are uncertain about the placement of your cart contact our office and a driver will show you an acceptable location.

Please don’t try to make it fit.

Please do not stomp down the trash in your cart. It can be dangerous and can cause items to jam inside your cart. Your trash will not flow out properly while being emptied.

Do not overfill your cart

Your lid must be completely closed to help prevent trash from spilling onto the street and animals from getting into your cart. An additional charge to your account will be added if the trash is above the top of the cart. If your cart is over flowing with trash each week then you need to arrange for a larger container.

Extra trash

Contact our office prior to your regular scheduled pickup service if you have more that (5) 35 gallon extra trash bags that will not fit into your trash cart. Place extra trash into a plastic bag and set it 5 feet from your cart allowing clearance for the mechanical arm. Please note there are additional fees to pick up the extra bags.

We also offer Curbside Recycling or Curbside Yard Debris services in some areas, click to find out more.

Have a question that wasn't addressed? Ready to set up service? Please visit our Contact Us page to contact the office.