Residential Drop Box Container Rental

If you have a construction, demolition, or just a general Spring cleaning project in your future, we’ll be happy to deliver an empty rental container and pick it up when it’s full!

Here are a few things you should know before reserving a drop box:


  • The Spring and Summer seasons are our busiest months for Drop Box reservation. Please contact us to reserve a drop box at least 2 weeks prior to the date you need it delivered.
  • To order a drop box you will need to call our office.
    • Grants Pass or Reedsport area, please call 541-479-5335
    • Eagle Point area, please call 541-826-5691.
  • Payment in full is due at the time of reservation. Initial Drop box fee's include; delivery charge, daily rental charge, and disposal charge on each box.
  • Once your reservation has been completed, all paperwork including; Drop Box Liability Release Forms and Asbestos testing and Clearance Certification from a Certified Abatement Contractor (if applicable) will need to be completed and submitted 3 days prior to your scheduled delivery date otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
    • These documents can be faxed to our office in Grants Pass office at 541-476-6083 or our office in Eagle Point at 541-826-1854
    • Emailed to Customer Service.
    • Or, Dropped off at our office
  • After your reservation has been completed, any changes must be made 1 business day in advance. Failure of required notice may result in additional charges.


Items not taken in Drop Boxes:

  • Appliances, Asbestos, Computers, Dead Animals, Flammable material, Hazardous Waste, Large amounts of dirt or concrete, Monitors, Paint, Televisions, Tires and Tree Stumps. If any of these materials are found upon pick up, a drop box may not be pulled until the material is removed and/or additional charges may be applied.
  • Starting January 1, 2010, all construction and demolition debris must have Asbestos Clearance Certification from a certified abatement company stating the material is asbestos free. The certificate is valid for one year from the date of the inspection and/or abatement. If any material in the box could be considered suspect Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM), the hauler and/or disposal site may refuse the box until you can provide documentation proving the load does not contain Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).  If a box is picked up and undeclared suspect ACM is discovered at the transfer station, the customer will be charged for all cleanup costs, either by the landfill, or by the hauler.  Cleanups are in the thousands of dollars.

Use and Removal of Drop Box:

  • Upon removal of the drop box, the materials must be level to the top of the side walls so our driver can tarp the top if necessary to ensure the materials are secured for hauling.
  • Each box can hold a specified maximum weight, please see the infographic below. To meet our O.D.O.T weight regulations, overweight boxes will not be taken, the daily rent fee will restart and a trip fee will be applied to your account if it must be left. In the event the drop box is taken and our driver is ticketed for hauling an over weight box, the renter will be charged the ticket fee and any overweight fees after disposal.


SizeMax Weight 
5 Yard Container4,000 lbsSouthern Oregon Sanitation 5 Yard Drop Box
8 Yard Container7,000 lbs.Southern Oregon Sanitation 8 Yard Drop Box
10 yard Container9,000 lbs.Southern Oregon Sanitation 10 Yard Drop Box
20 Yard Container14,000 lbs.Southern Oregon Sanitation 20 Yard Drop Box
30 Yard Container16,000 lbsSouthern Oregon Sanitation 30 Yard Drop Box

Common Weights:

1 Yard of Dirt 2,060 Lbs  - 1 Yard of Concrete 1,800 Lbs  -  1 Yard of Commercial waste 300-600 lbs