Regulated Medical Waste

We offer Regulated Medical Waste services to large and small generators such as; hospitals, physician offices, clinics, veterinary offices, and dentist offices within our service areas. The Regulated Medical Waste is then picked up by Stericycle from our facility and taken to be properly disposed of via incineration or autoclaving.

It is extremely important for the safety of the generators, haulers, processors, and Landfills that the proper containers and bags are used for the type of Regulated Medical Waste your business generates and that all guidelines set forth by the DEQ, EPA, OSHA and ODOT are followed.


1.9 and 4.8 Cardboard

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21 and 48 Gallon Plastic

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Service Options, Guidelines & Resources

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Service Options:

Weekly Service or Call-In
*Charges vary by area, service frequency and number of containers generated

Service guidelines:

Call-In customers must call in the day before the scheduled service day to let us know your business needs to be serviced.

All Regulated Medical Waste needs to be properly tied and prepared before our driver arrives. Please ensure a staff member who has been certified to handle and prepare Regulated Medical Waste for transport is available to sign the manifests for our driver.

If any boxes are overweight, the applicable overweight charges will be charged to your account.


Additional Information

Category A Waste Handling and Packaging Procedures

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Medical Waste Policy

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