Redwood Avenue Transfer Station

Location & Hours

1381 Redwood Ave.
Grants Pass, Or 97527

Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Payment Types Accepted:
Credit & Debit Cards
Business Charge Accounts



Redwood Transfer Station Mixed Loads Notice

Due to trash contamination in our yard and wood debris boxes, all mixed loads will be disposed of and charged as garbage until further notice.


Minimum Charge: $15.00
Yard Waste: $5.00 per cubic yard
Loose Material Household Garbage: $12.50 per cubic yardRoofing Material: $24.75 per cubic yard
Mattress or Box Spring: $11.00 eachFurniture: $11.00 each
Car Tires w/ Rim: $11.00 eachTruck Tires w/ Rim: $16.50 each
Compacted Materials: $29.00 per cubic yard
Important Asbestos Notice - Click Here
Appliances $11.00 each
(Refrigerators & Freezers must be Certified Freon Removed)

Fluorescent Tubes and Batteries

Fluorescent Tubes

Size in Feet* / Price
2 Feet - $0.88
3 Feet - $1.32
4 Feet - $1.76
6 Feet - $2.64
8 Feet - $3.52
*Fluorescent Tubes $0.44/foot


Size / Price
AA - $0.17
AAA - $0.11
C - $0.28
D - $0.77
9 Volt - $0.17

Load cost is based on the load being level with bedrail
Small Pickup $16.50 and up
Full Size Pickup $33.00 and up

Items not accepted:

Asbestos, Hazardous, Infectious Waste, Lead Acid Batteries, Liquids, Medical Waste,Paint and Radioactive Waste

Southern Oregon Sanitation, Inc. does not accept any construction or demolition material at our transfer stations without having an Asbestos Clearance Certification from a certified abatement company stating the material is asbestos free. The certificate is valid for one year from the date of the inspection and/or abatement. Click here for more information and common materials that contain asbestos.

Children and pets must remain in vehicle at all times

Not liable for any damages to persons or vehicles while on these premises.