Redwood Avenue Recycle Depot


1381 Redwood Ave.
Grants Pass, Or 97527

Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm


All recycling is free and open to the public, we only ask that you help keep the recycling contamination free.
All items accepted at our depots must be kept separate.

Cardboard - Must be smaller than 3ft x 3ft pieces

PURE USED MOTOR OIL - must be poured into on gallon not breakable containers with tight fitting screw caps. Please do not mix any other solvents or fluids such as water, antifreeze, old fuel, etc.


No Plastic bags – often people like to put their recycling in plastic bags to help them carry or manage it better. However, the plastic bag are NOT accepted any in of our containers.

No Styrofoam – often people will bring the Styrofoam with their cardboard. This should be taken to the transfer station or put in your household trash.

Lids of any kindAll #1-#7 non-bottleneck style containers
(i.e. yogurt or butter tub)
Magazines & CataloguesClothing
Liquids & FoodOffice Paper & Junk MailDryer SheetsPacking Material
(i.e Styrofoam, packing peanuts)
Clamshell Containers
(i.e. plastic to-go containers, strawberry basket)
Paperback BooksFurnace filtersPaperboard
(i.e. cereal, cracker, shoe boxes)
Phone BooksGarden HosePizza boxesDisposable Cups
Paper TowelsPet Food BagsWaxed cartons
(i.e. frozen food boxes)
Plastic Buckets
Shredded paperPlastic Bags


If you have additional recycling questions, please contact our Recycling & Educational Outreach Associate by calling 1-800- 922-1025.