Plastic Recycling Update

Please note: The only #2 plastics accepted curbside are the milk jug style containers.

We are kicking off the New Year with accepting #2 plastic bottles and jugs at our Recycling Depots ONLY

Please follow our guidelines to ensure materials are properly prepared to eliminate contamination in our #2 plastic bins at our Redwood Avenue and Eagle Point Recycling Depots.

How to identify #2 plastic bottles and jugs:

1. Look under the bottle or jug for a #2 recycling symbol.

3. Remove the bottle’s cap. Place it in your regular trash cart.

2. The neck of the bottle needs to be smaller than the base .

4. Rinse thoroughly. Food contamination can impact the quality of recyclables entering the recycling markets and increase processing costs.

Bottles and jugs displaying a #2 recycling symbol can ONLY be dropped off at our recycling depots. The local recycling markets are requesting this style of bottle for its shape. By placing only #2 plastic bottles and jugs in the same bin, it can help eliminate cross-contamination from other materials. Therefore #2 plastics are not accepted through our curbside program at this time

Other #2 Plastics NOT accepted at our depots:

When in doubt, please ask a depot attendant for assistance.
If you have additional recycling questions, please contact our Recycling & Educational Outreach Associate at or call 1-800- 922-1025.