Become A Customer Pay Your Bill Online
Become A Customer Pay Your Bill Online
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Billing Information

In general, we bill every other month however, your billing cycle will be changed to monthly if your account is stopped due to non payment.

Our online billing system is updated monthly and may not reflect your current account status.  If you have questions about your account status, please call our office.

The due dates and messages on your billing are very important and if not followed could result in your service being discontinued and your cart(s) removed.

You can receive your bills via mail or email.  You can change to paperless billing in our online system.

Payment Information

If your account is stopped due to non-payment, there is a $25 fee to reinstate your service and a redelivery fee for returning your carts or containers.

We do not call or notify our customers that their service will be discontinued because our billing statements give clear guidelines for when the account will be stopped and what will happen if payment is not received.

Your account cannot be resumed by making a payment online.  You need to call our office to resume your service.

Payment Options

You can make a payment via our online system at

You can call our office to make a payment we accept debit and credit cards.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards.

You can set up automatic credit or debit card withdrawals via our online payment system or by calling our office.

You can mail in your payment via check to Southern Oregon Sanitation at P.O. Box 6000 Grants Pass, OR 97527.

You can drop your check off at our offices and pay by credit card at our offices.