Great News! Recycling Just Got Better

We are now accepting additional plastics in our curbside program and recycling depots in response to the stable recycling markets demand!

Accepted Plastics #1 & #2

Bottles & Jugs Only - Rinse Thoroughly

How to properly identify accepted plastics

  • Check the shape - bottle and jugs only
  • Check the base - larger than the neck
  • Check the number - #1 or #2 only

How to properly prepare for recycling

  • Remove lids
  • Remove contents
  • Rinse thoroughly

Non-Accepted Plastics

Still Accepting

Southern Oregon Sanitation Recycle Newspapers and Inserts

Southern Oregon Sanitation Recycle Corrugated Cardboard

Southern Oregon Sanitation Recycle Tin and Aluminum Cans

Pure used motor oil must be poured into one gallon not breakable containers with tight fitting screw caps. Please do not mix any other solvents or fluids such as water, antifreeze, old fuel, etc. Place jugs NEXT TO your recycle cart and call our office by 4pm the day before your pick up, so that we can make your driver aware that you have motor oil.

Items That Can Be Recycled At Our Depots*

  • #1 and #2 Plastics – bottles and jugs only.
    (Redwood and Eagle Point depots only)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Newspapers
  • Tin and Aluminum Cans
  • eCycle Computer towers, Monitors & TV’s
  • Pure Used Motor Oil

Download Our New Additional Plastics Recycling Brochure

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Still A Bit Confused? Let Our Waste Wizard Help Out!

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If you have additional recycling questions, please contact our Recycling & Educational Outreach Associate at  or call 1-800- 922-1025.