On August 1st, 1948, Harold Patrick Fahey initiated his journey as the founder and only employee of Pat's Sanitary Service. Joined by his wife Birdena, the couple dedicated themselves to the business, reinvesting their efforts and earnings. Despite early challenges, their vision and passion persisted. Gradually, they expanded, acquiring new territories for garbage collection in Rogue River, Eagle Point, and Cave Junction. With each expansion, they not only grew their team but also enhanced their operations, evolving from a basic garbage collection service to a comprehensive waste management enterprise.

The Fahey children - Rich, Gail, Nanci, and Patrick - were essential to the business from a young age, absorbing lessons in financial prudence and work ethic. Though encouraged to pursue higher education and contribute to their community, they remained closely tied to the family business.

Birdena Fahey passed away in 1985, but Harold continued to lead SOS into the mid-1990s and was a respected figure in the industry until his passing in 2002. He was a notable member of the Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association (ORRA) and was inducted into its Hall of Fame.

Harold's youngest son, Patrick Fahey, became the second General Manager in the company's history and was deeply involved in the industry throughout his life. He helped the company to evolve with the waste industry. In the 1990s, it introduced semi-automated routes and standardized residential garbage carts, followed by fully automated side load trucks. The Redwood Avenue Transfer Station, completed in 2000, became a pivotal element in the Grants Pass operations, streamlining the process of hauling to the Dry Creek Landfill. The early 2000s saw the introduction of automated commingled recycling and residential yard debris services, and later, commercial front load trucks and containers. Patrick Fahey retired in 2016 as the second General Manager for Southern Oregon Sanitation.

With the transition to the third generation, Trent Carpenter became the third General Manager in 75 years. Starting from the ground up, he has experienced almost every role within the company. Since 2016, under the management of the third generation, SOS has continued its legacy, including the company's expansion of street sweeping and parking lot sweeping services in 2023. As of January 2024, Southern Oregon Sanitation is excited to announce its sole ownership by the third Generation!

Celebrating 75 years of growth and service, Southern Oregon Sanitation now stands as a testament to the vision and hard work of three generations, dedicated to making a significant impact in their community through their services.