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Southern Oregon Sanitation is a 60-year-old, family owned and operated business specializing in waste management systems. The firm’s key component is in residential waste. With 24,000 customers and the motto “Anything people want to get rid of, we want to be the solution,” the SOS team has not only established itself as the neighborhood garbage company, but also a pro-active business concerned about the environment. For example, the SOS management team has partnered with local businesses and organizations to promote safe and green waste systems. Partners include the DEQ, Rogue Waste and Southern Oregon Aspire, among others.

Over the years, SOS Sanitation has significantly increased its capacity to serve Josephine County and surrounding areas, including territories in Jackson County. The goal is to consistently develop approaches to waste management that are efficient, cost effective and sustainable.

In addition to solid waste, SOS handles medical, wood, commercial, industrial and yard debris waste. The company has also implemented an E-Cycle program for computer monitors and television screens, with improved systems and processes underway for electronic recycling and prescription drug waste solutions.

SOS Sanitation provides services in Eagle Point, Grants Pass, Kerby, Cave Junction and Murphy. Its two transfer stations are located in Grants Pass and Kerby. In December 2009, the Grants Pass transfer station opened to the public on weekends, saving citizens the drive to the Merlin transfer station.

In one year, SOS collected 15,000 tons of waste in Grants Pass, 9,000 in Eagle Point and 4,100 in Kerby. In addition, the company recycled more than 100,000 pounds of E-cycled materials.

SOS has 45 full-time employees, including management, office staff, drivers, mechanics and those providing service at the transfer stations.

The SOS management team and its Board of Directors consistently develop short and long-term strategies for waste management systems. The company has continually upgraded its transportation and logistics systems. Most recently, SOS has transitioned to front-end loaders for improved efficiency and better customer service.